Reply To: Welcome to Mountain Angel Diaries Everyone

Jonjon Felix

    Greetings everyone!

    My friends and family call me Jonjon, which is part of my YouTube name. I was named after JFK Jr, the son of the late President. I now live close to Los Angeles, California but have lived in different countries throughout my life because I was in the US military as well as my parents and grandparents. I am of Filipino heritage but was born in California. Both my parents are from San Carlos City, Pangasinan.

    I enjoy travel videos on occasion and like many people here, discovered Gel’s YouTube channel from Q Adventures’ channel. I found Gel to be quite charming, adorable, and values her family and friendship. Gel, you have a wonderful and infectious smile along with a great sense of humor. I was thrilled to find out that Gel has her own YouTube channel. When asked what does she want for her birthday present she replied, “Just good health for my family.” She melted my heart and now here I am.

    Gel, I hope to see more of your videos and livestreams with you and your beautiful family. I’m sure you will have a very successful YouTube channel.

    Jonjon Jr From California