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First, Let Me Tell You A Little About Me

Knowing the world I come from and live in will make my story that much more
exciting and interesting to follow along with me on my new journey.

I'm Angel ``Gel`` and I live way up in the Mountains in the Philippines.

My family operates a small farm and roadside stand 'sari sari store' in the Danao mountains. i live a pretty simple life in my small community with my friends and family. I really enjoy being outside in nature and am looking forward to starting 7th grade this year.
See You Soon! Gel @MountainAngelDiaries

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My YouTube Story And How It All Began...

This is going to be the most bizarre story you have ever heard.
If it wasn't all on video I really don't think anyone would believe me.
You can follow along using the tabs below... make sure to watch the videos
Cigarettes, Beer and Outlaw Gunmakers
Some foreign vloggers came up in the mountains looking for the old time gunmakers that used to be up here and stopped at my family's store looking for cigarettes and beer. They ended up with banana chips, which was much healthier for them (your welcome Derek)
Humbling Mountain Community Tour
After giving up on the gunmakers, my friends and I offered to show them around the community and give them a tour. I showed them our store and then we brought them to my family's farm further up the mountain. Derek (Q Adventures) was so nice I invited him to my birthday dinner and I really hoped he would come..
He Came Back Like He Said He Would
During our tour Derek said he would come back up the mountain and meet my parents to make sure it was ok for him to attend my birthday dinner and also to make some arrangements with them for food and stuff to make it a very special day.
Q Adventures Told Me I Was A Celebrity
While he was there Derek showed us the video on YouTube and his subscribers were saying I was a celebrity and they all wanted to help make my birthday the best ever. Thank you so much to Q Adventures subscribers for everything your doing. They wanted to be a part of my birthday from all over the world.
The Best Birthday Dinner I Could Ever Imagine
My Birthday Proper was so much better than I could have ever dreamed. We had so much food and fun, we even had 'Lechon' which is roasted pig and is only for very special occasions because it is so expensive. The best part was all my friends and family got to celebrate it with me, even my teachers. On Saturday we are all going to the resort for a pool party and Derek and ate Ai will be there too..
Life Changing Kindness From Total Strangers
Thanks to Derek and ate Ai and there generous online community's who watched the videos and offered support, so many peoples lives will be changed forever. For my birthday I also got dedicated internet service at my house and can now share Wi-Fi access with my friends for schoolwork and of course to watch YouTube (mostly schoolwork though). Thank You So Much, again to everyone for supporting my dream and showing so much love.
Vlogger In Training - Let The Mentorship Begin
Derek (@qadventures) and ate Ai (@PhilippineswithAi) were nice enough to offer to mentor me so I can become a Vlogger and be able to one day hopefully live my dream and travel and make videos. They set me up with all the equipment I need and have been teaching me how to film. It's always been my dream to go to California to see if its real and as beautiful as it looks like online.
The 'Mountain Angel Diaries' YouTube Channel
Thanks to so much support from so many kind people I now have my own YouTube channel (@MountainAngelDiaries) with over 2.000 subscribers already. We are working hard to try to improve with every new video I put out in order to share a little piece of my life with the world..

I know I'm just a kid and completely new at this but these are the types of videos I hope to make on my channel.

A Day In My Life

Videos about my daily life up in the mountains of the Philippines

Playing Games

Playing all kinds of native and foreign games and trying new things

Nature Walks

Exploring and sharing the beautiful natural environment I live in with you

Arts & Crafts

Making cool stuff and sharing my creativity with my online community

Cooking Food

Sharing traditional Philippine dishes passed down from generations

Family Outings

One day adventures down the mountain and maybe even a family vacation

And So Much More To Come...

Looking forward to seeing your videos. Here's a late birthday gift for you from the USA.

Mike Palmer
Bought:15 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Hello, Mountain Angel & Family! ! I too live in a mountainous area of Northern Arkansas, USA called the Boston Mountains....

Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

My name is Jan-Egil Jakobsen i live to up mountain in Noth Norway

Jan-Egil Jakobsen
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

So glad you decided to come out from behind the store counter to talk with Derek. He was right, you charmed us with your sweet disposition. I look forward to learning more about you, your family and mountain community. Good luck with your channel. I hope all of your dreams come true!

Michael Darnell
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Best of luck with your new channel

American guy
Bought:a Pizza @ Buy Me a Coffee

Hello from Norway. Just watched your first video, you did great. All the best wishes for you and your family

Svein Arne Hagen
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Love the ``Buy me a pizza`` option until you get monetized. I'm watching your first video on repeat to help get you to 4,000 watch hours

Michael Darnell
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

I love pizza and this pizza party idea is awesome! Gel you are truly a Mountain Angel, keep up the good work and follow your dreams as we will be following them with you!

Shawn Daffern
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Great start Kiddo!

Bought:a Pizza @ Buy Me a Coffee

Thanks for bringing such positivity to the world! You and your family has brought such happiness to me in your videos. Keep up the wonderful work young ladies.

Cheo Leon
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Congrats on 1000 Subscribers Baby Girl!!!

Michael Darnell
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Congratulations Gel, please be safe.

Todd Janca
Bought:3 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Good luck with your new channel !

Robert H
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Go Gel

Bought:3 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Bought:10 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Gel, stay you for as long as you can. Maybe ask your Father and Mother to help you do that.

Marc Newman
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

All the best for your new channel Gel 👍 sheepsfoot2 Australia !

Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Robert H
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

james allen johnston
Bought:5 Pizzas @ Buy Me a Coffee

Alan Sørensen
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