Reply To: Welcome to Mountain Angel Diaries Everyone

Michael Darnell

    Hello Everyone,
    I guess I’ll get this started. My name is Michael Darnell. If you’ve been active at all on Gel’s live streams, you’ll already know a little about me. I found Gel and her family like many others have, through the Q Adventures YouTube channel. I was researching the Philippines as a potential landing spot for early retirement due to the strength of the U.S. dollar there. Derek’s channel was one the first ones I stumbled upon, and I’m thankful I did. When he introduced us to Gel (See her YouTube story above), he told us that she would charm us for 45 minutes, and of course, she did just that. But in the five months that have passed since then, that charm has not only grown, but has expanded to include her family as well. Their humble, hard-working lifestyle in the mountains is such a breath of fresh air to my city life in Pittsburgh, PA. USA. I’m looking forward to watching her channel grow and learn more about the Philippines. We have an excellent core of “Gelnatics” and would welcome everyone to this community. Fair warning though, as we are very protective of this young lady, and rightfully so since she is only twelve years-old. I hope to see some new people in the live stream chats until we get more involved on this website. Also, be patient as not everything goes smoothly. This channel and website are being built from from scratch and there are growing pains. But if you look back and see how far Gel and the channel have come in a really short time, it’s nothing short of extraordinary. Kuya Michael Out.